For all mermaids who live around us, not in fairy tales!


Swimsuit for your unforgettable vacation

Match with your little mermaid

One swimsuit made from almost 20 plastic bottles

More than 6,000 plastic bottles have already been recycled for UnderW swimwear.


Each suit is made from hight quality recycled polyester. It means that fabric is made from recycled plastic bottles and requires fewer resources than that of new fibers and generates less CO2 emissions.

Be part of an eco-friendly community!

Feeling good

Swimsuits are created by woman who knows how important is perfect swimwear. Each part of the suit is thought out down to the last detail- everything stays in its place, what should not be seen is not visible and self confidence everyday. Feel good in any situation!

Special offer

Being friends with the Lithuanian sustainable beach accessories brand MARAMIKO, we have an offer - a COMBO set.

A sustainable recycled plastic beach bag combined with a sustainable TANG one-piece swimsuit will make your vacation meaningful and even more environmentally friendly.

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Body positivity

We believe that every body is a beach body, every woman is special and unique, it doesn't matter size, age and colour you are. Every body deserves to be celebrated. All our models are ordinary women who live around us. Let's celebrate together!

One order- one donation

We donate to  an international non-profit organisation Coral Guardians, dedicated to the conservation of coral reef ecosystems, restoring and protecting marine biodiversity.