What UnderW is about

Let's get to know each other - I'm Eglė, the founder of UnderW. I am a woman who cares about the planet we live in and the waters we swim in. I believe that we, women, can make a big change on the planet, we just need to not be silent, dare and do it. Fashion has been one of the most influential tools of all the time, so with the help of fashion I can reach a particularly large number of women who care about our planet, as well as me. I invite you to be part of a sustainable community.


How we started

UnderW story started 4 years ago in Egypt, diving in one of the most beautiful reef park-  Ras Mohammed. When we dived under the water for the first time and saw that magic underwater world is, first thought was - how wonderful that underwater world is, how many colors and lives there are, it's like another planet. The biggest shock was the fact that among the million inhabitants of the underwater world, there was the same amount of plastic waste. Bright fishes, colorful corals, calm sea turtles live surrounded by plastic. This needs to be stopped! The marine world needs to be saved for future generations.

How to draw the world's attention to ocean pollution and protection? Well, with the help of fashion. This is how the first idea was born - a sustainable product will help not only draw attention to sustainability, but also contribute to the reduction of pollution.

All Underw swimsuits are made from recycled material, keeping to the highest sustainability standards, almost 20 plastic bottles are recycled to make one swimsuit. Therefore, every woman with UnderW swimsuit can not only look unique, but also contribute to reducing plastic in the world.



Each UnderW swimsuit is made from recycled polyester, which is produced by recycling plastic waste. Recycled plastic returns as soft and new fabric.

Have you heard of “slow fashion”? Our swimwear is made with a slow fashion principles-it is an approach to producing clothing which takes into consideration all aspects of the supply chain and in doing so, aims to respect people, the environment, and animals. It also means spending more time on the design process, ensuring that each piece of apparel is quality made. UnderW swimwear is produced in small quantities, trying to avoid waste of fabric and scraps.

We know that the first impression of unpacking a new purchase is very important and a beautiful box, crispy packing paper makes a big impression on the buyers, but we wouldn't be us - we pack our mproducts in compostable packaging bags, which are made from 70-80% PBAT (copolymer 100% compostable) and 20%-30% PLA (polylactic acid is produced from dextrose found in biological raw materials). They can be composted at home.


Body positivity

We think that every body is beautiful. No matter the age, color, tattoo or size, every woman is unique and deserves to celebrate her body.

We do not follow the standard of beauty and invite ordinary women who live around us to photo sessions. The models were already a mother of two children, a woman who gave birth to a baby just 6 months ago, even an UnderW founder. We will continue to invite all women to pose in our swimwear and share photos on our social media.

For all questions please contact us by email: info@underw.eu