Care recommendations

UnderW swimwear is made from fabric that is made from recycled plastic. The fabric is resistant to chlorine, creams and oils, but in order for the swimsuit to last as long as possible, a few simple care recommendations should be followed.

Be careful with clorine

The fabric is chlorine resistant, but prolonged exposure to swimming pools and other water activities where chlorine is used can damage the fabric, seams and fade the color.

Hot & cold

Extreme temperature changes can affect the color and structure of the swimsuit. Avoid prolonged stay in places such as jacuzzis, saunas, hot springs, etc.

The dryer is not a friend

Do not use a mechanical dryer for swimsuits. Heat can damage fabric, seams and colors.

Cosmetics are not always good

The fabric is resistant to cosmetics, but sunscreens, creams, lotions and other products can leave stains. Try to get as little as possible on the fabric.

Hardworking hands

UnderW swimwear is recommended to be hand washed. This way we can avoid mechanical damage

Machine wash

If you do wash the swimwear in the washing machine, do it at a temperature no higher than 30 degrees.


It is best not to dry the swimsuits in a dryer, but to let the product dry slowly, weighed, in a warm place.

Ironing- NO

Do not iron swimwear. It can really damage the fabric and colors.

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